Main Projects:

Project 1: Fluoride Varnish Reach in Early Childhood (FV REACH)
Project Principal Investigator: Margaret Walsh

The “FV REACH” Project will identify the most effective setting (medical, social service agency or dental) to disseminate FV to the greatest number of 1-3 year old children. Stratifying on setting, a parallel groups practical group randomized RCT will be conducted in community-based settings comprising:

(a) primary care clinics (CPCCs) from the UCSF primary care collaborative research network, and
(b) California Special Supplemental Nutrition Programs for Women, Infants and Children (WICs).

Each non-dental site (CPCC or WIC) will be randomized to either a program of parental counseling and onsite FV application or to parental counseling and referral to a dentist for child’s FV application. This project will also compare two counseling methods, including an automated telephone counseling approach, and utilize teledentistry technology for blinded caries assessments.

Project 2: Glass Ionomer Sealant and Fluoride Varnish Trial (GIFT)
Project Principal Investigator: Francisco Ramos-Gomez, UCLA School of Dentistry

“GIFT” is a randomized clinical trial of four caries-prevention protocols to compare their relative efficacy among 3-6 year-old children from low-income families: The children and caregivers will be randomized to one of these four groups to receive dental screenings and referral, and:

1) parental oral health counseling alone
2) counseling and fluoride varnish
3) counseling and fluoride-releasing, self-bonding glass ionomer occlusal sealants applied to primary molars
4) counseling, fluoride varnish and glass ionomer sealant.

The study will take place in a dental and non-dental setting, both affiliated with Federally Qualified Health Centers near the US-Mexico border- the San Ysidro Health Center and La Maestra Health Center in San Diego County.

Administrative Core and Community Liaison Program will support our two RCTs and developmental projects. Our Data Coordinating Center will support the UCSF projects as well the Boston University and University of Colorado-Denver ECC studies


Main Projects:

Project 1: Prevention of Early Childhood Caries Using Fluoride Varnish

Project 2: The MAYA Project: Mother and Youth Access Program

Project 3: Cultural Barriers to Oral Health Care in Children

Project 4: The RAE (Risk Assessment for ECC) Project: Assessing and Predicting Early Childhood Caries Risk Disparities

Project 5: Hispanic Oral Health: A Rural And Urban Ethnography

Project 6: Population-Based Oral Health Study of Agricultural Worker Families

Project 7: Acceptability Study of Preventive Interventions for Reducing ECC (ASPIRE)

Project 8: Oral Gene Expression and Dental Caries Development

Pilot Projects:

Pilot 1: A Study of the Effectiveness of Povidone Iodine as an Oral Antiseptic in Children with Rampant Caries

Pilot 2: Oral Health Outcomes and Dental Care Utilization Among Pediatric Organ Transplant Recipients

Pilot 3: An Innovative Student-developed Video as a Strategy to Promote Oral Health Awareness, Education and Prevention: A Pilot Project "Telling our Own Story."

Pilot 4: Revising Dental Health Professional Shortage Area Methodology

Pilot 5: Racial and ethnic disparities in access to preventive dental services in the State of California: an analysis of the 2001 California Health Interview Survey

Pilot 6: Comparison of Mothers of Young Children with and without Early Childhood Caries

Pilot 7: A Comparative Study of Cariogenic Bacterial Populations in Children.

Pilot 8: Oral Health Care Curriculum for Child Health Consultants and Advocates

Pilot 9: Translating Informed Consent Materials from English: Effects on Readability

Pilot 10: Social Disparities in Receipt of Children’s Dental Care: Trends Over Time. Analyses of National Health Interview Survey data

Pilot 11: Survey of Registered Dental Hygienists in California: Survey Development and Field Testing

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